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  • Human Relations 98%
  • HRIS 95%
  • Performance Management 95%


Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator


Danielle is an Arizona native graduating from Barry Goldwater High School in 2010. She soon attended Glendale Community College where she studied Psychology. She cheered and danced during high school and college.
Danielle is an adrenaline enthusiast who enjoys long walks on the beach. She enjoys her line of work in helping others succeed and overall growth of the company.
  • Marketing Strategy 95%
  • Business Development and Analysis 95%
  • Marketing Strategy 92%


Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager


Bryan was born in a small farming community in the rural parts of Indiana.  His parents, Steve and Maribel, raised him on a hog farm and are two of the most caring parents you could imagine.  He has two siblings, Genie and Andy, and an adopted brother, Jeremy.  Just like any medium sized family on a farm, it means everyone has a responsibility and job at a young age.  It is a very labor-intensive and dirty job, but the character and teamwork it builds in a family is invaluable.

As an athlete, Bryan has always been known for starting off weak and getting stronger.  Although his parents pushed him to pursue basketball, he made the decision to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and try his talents out on the mat.  Wrestling in itself is a high contact and strenuous sport.  In his first year, he only won 2 real matches.  With a losing record that he won’t even share, it is amazing he stuck it out.  This was his first true test and introduction into the realm of failure.  Over the next 3 years, Bryan worked really hard and pushed himself to be the best.  By the end of his senior year, he had broken the school record and went 39-4 with a last match at the Indiana state championships.  This is just an example of 1 of the 3 sports he participated in while in high school.  Just like in wrestling, he had some maturing to do in the discus throw as well.

The discus throw is an event that requires a well-rounded and balanced athlete.  Strength and flexibility are the two most obvious components to the throw, but just as important are speed and balance.  Bryan’s first step onto a track squad was as a 1-mile runner in junior high.  As Bryan continue to get bigger, he followed in his brother’s footsteps into a more suitable part of the team- the throwing events.
During his collegiate career, he started to gain traction on building the foundation of a great thrower.  He went from 150′ his freshman year to over 180′ his senior year.  This progression has continued to now 3 years after graduation, hitting a mark of 206′.

Bryan spends the majority of his time at work or training.  He enjoys unwinding by playing Clash of Clans or watching a show on Netflix.

  • Sales Operations 98%
  • Curriculum Design 95%
  • Financial Analysis 89%


Operations Manager

Operations Manager


While studying at California State University, Fresno in International Business, Jennifer was also a competitive athlete in tennis and badminton and did a study abroad program in London. Jennifer comes from a background of Marketing, Restaurant and Hospitality. Since the start of her career with MAS International, Jennifer has quickly climbed her way through the company ranks with international recognition. She still likes to play tennis in her spare time and continues her love for traveling.

  • Sales 98%
  • Lead Generation 90%
  • Business Development 90%


Manager & CEO



Originally from a small suburb outside of Boston, MA. Growing up, Andrea’s favorite things to do were spend time at the beach and go to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox with her parents and 3 sisters. She attended the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and have a degree in English with a concentration in writing. During college she gained experience working at a boutique Marketing and Public relations firm just outside Boston. Through that experience Andrea realized she wanted to pursue a career working with people, but needed more training and development.  Now, 10 years after starting at Entry-Level, Andrea is very grateful for all of the personal and professional development I have had –and continue to have, in her career. She is also grateful I am now in a position to help train and develop others.


Career Highlights:

-Helping people in the organization achieve their personal and professional goals.

-Participating in the L.E.E. group, an organization of women designed to help support and coach other women in maximizing their potential at work and in their personal lives.

-Contributing to the launch, growth and success of campaigns for some of our largest Fortune 100 clients.


Fun Facts:

-I love the theater! My acting days are done, but I still love to catch a show.

-I love to cook!

-I am an Auntie to two adorable nieces!


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